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Helping you to use nature, in all its forms, to IMPROVE, PROTECT and BENEFIT your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The Science Bit

Nature  is far more than just something beautiful to look at. Within its beauty is a vast potential of health boosting benefits and almost endless possibilities for future medicine and cures……..

Boost Immunity

Having a healthy and strong immune system is vital for good health. Find out how nature can boost and strengthen your immune function in some very powerful and unique ways.

Mental Health

The Prevalence of mental health problems both in the UK and worldwide is huge and is a serious growing problem.  There are many scientifically proven ways that nature has shown……..

Wild Nutrition

Nature, in all its abundant forms, supplies us with a variety of foods, herbs and medicine. If you know where to look, each season brings with it huge potential in each of these areas……..

"When we are in harmony with the natural world we can begin to heal. Our nervous system can rest itself, our bodies and minds can go back to how they ought to be. No longer out of kilter with nature, but once again in tune with it, we are refreshed and restored".

Dr Qing Li, Associate Professor at the Medical School in Tokyo

Respiratory Health

Female Health & Hormones

Immune Health / Immunity

Cardiovascular Health

Digestive / Bowel Health

Pain & Inflammation

How to Use Wild Nutrition to Make some Medicinal Recipes


In nature we are surrounded by an abundance of edible, tasty and nutritious medicinal foods. Learn how to use them with the wild recipes on the pages of this site

Want to Learn some Common Medicinal Foods To Forage?


If you want a quick & easy get started, beginners guide to learning what common and safe medicinal foods are available to forage through the four seasons, then sign up to be sent your FREE eBook

Are Your Suffering with Digestive Problems, Including IBS or Bloating?

Digestive symptoms affect thousands of people every day and can really effect quality of life for those that suffer. It’s actually the most common thing i see in my clinic. Nature provides a huge amount of possibilities when it comes to alleviating and improving digestive complaints such as IBS, reflux, stomach cramp, excess wind and bloating ……..

If YOUR Mental Health is suffering, Join The 'Mend Your Mind' Online Course

If you are struggling with your mental health, whether that be low mooddepression, anxiety, grief, stress or even low self-esteem, then the ‘Mend Your Mind’ Online Course is made for you! Learn how to utilise nature to benefit & improve your mental health through 25 scientifaclly backed nature tasks proven to boost mental health status……..

Why Being Around Water is Vital For Your Health

Many people are drawn to water, whether that be the ocean, rivers, lakes or a tranquil streams. Water provides fantastic benefits for mental health and we know if mental health is good, this has a direct positive impact on our physical health too. Find out why you shoudl be visiting ‘blue space’ to benefit your health…….

Calling All Headache & Migraine Sufferers

If you suffer from regular headaches or migraine, from any cause, you should know the main botanicals that can really help provide some relief to the often debilitating symptoms of head pain. Some common botanicals and minerals, some found in most gardens, can be used in different formats to provide relief………

Find Out Which Foods Make the Best Medicine & How to Use Them

Learn the What, Why and How of scientifically proven medicinal foods in order to utilise foods as ‘medicine’ to support and alleviate a range of health conditions and provide symptom relief  for common conditions, including digestive problems/IBS, Immunity, fighting fatigue, skin problems, reducing anxiety & depression and more……..

Struggling With Depression, Anxiety or Stress? Find out How Nature Can Help

If you are one of the thousands of people that suffer with depression, anxiety and stress, or indeed other mild to moderate mental health problems, nature is an excellent prescription! In fact in many parts of the world, spending time within nature is now recommended by many health professionals as the evidence for doing so mounts up……….