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'Nature's Wild Medicine is all about teaching people HOW. How to tap into, and use natures abundant medicine cabinet, and connect with nature in a way that improves all aspects of physical and mental health and wellbeing.'

Phillippa J. Newman

(MSc, PGCE, BSc Hons, RNutr)

The Idea & Mission

The thoughts and idea behind Nature’s Wild Medicine has been a long time in the thinking and was ultimately born to offer a credible and reliable place where Science, Nature and Health collide.

In today’s modern world, there is a lot of health information out there, but its not always from credible or qualified sources and it can be misleading and confusing. Nature’s Wild Medicine provides credible, science backed information delivered with passion and purpose to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, INFORM and IMPROVE people’s health and wellbeing, using all that nature offers and which has been shown by science and research to positively impact people’s physical and mental health and general wellbeing.

Why ?

Our primal connection to nature has being lost amidst an overpowering technological modern world, where nature now sits on the periphery of most peoples lives as opposed to being the centre of it, as it was in generations past. This disconnection with nature is causing a significant deterioration in peoples physical and mental health.

Science is finally recognising that ‘Nature Therapy’ is an effective health promotion method, which offers many preventative health benefits, and is therefore considered to have huge potential to help, alleviate and prevent a variety of physical and mental health ailments in people of all ages.



Along with this, the thousands of species of plants, trees, fungi which we either already know to offer medicinal effects or are yet still to be discovered as future cures all exemplify just how much nature has to offer us when it comes to our health & wellbeing. We just need to know how to best use it, and that is where the problem lies, because most people don’t know HOW.

And that explains the ‘why’ of Nature’s Wild Medicine, because this is the place that will teach people HOW. How to tap into, and use natures abundant medicine cabinet, and connect with nature in a way that improves all aspects of physical health, mental health and wellbeing.


About Me

You may be wondering who I am, and what qualifies me to offer the advice and information that I do on the pages of this website. So let me tell you a little bit about my background and the journey that has led me to here.

Three of my  great passions in life are nature, natural health and science. ‘Nature’s Wild Medicine’ draws on the combination of all three of these passions and brings together my many years of clinical experience and education / qualifications in medical & health science, natural health and nutrition along with my many years of teaching.

I have run a private Natural Health clinic in the North West of England for 17 years and have lectured in medical / health sciences, natural health, nutrition and stress management at UK universities and  colleges over that time too. I gained my undergraduate degree in medical health sciences and homeopathy, my postgraduate teaching qualification for adults in the subject of science, in 2007, and my Masters degree in Nutrition Science back in 2012. The latter allowing my to register as a nutritionist with the UK governing body the Association for Nutrition.

Having been fortunate enough to have helped many people over the years in clinical practice and teaching, and advocating on how nature, in all its amazing forms, is one of the best prescriptions for our physical and mental health, my hope is that ‘Nature’s Wild Medicine’ offers an informative, educational and science backed guide for all those who are looking to learn and utilise nature for its medicinal properties.

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